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Mayhem explodes into total lunacy as a bunch of rabid computer hackers infiltrate the global corporate world to
make the planet's first virtual sex app.

iWorld … Earth’s twin planet, where everything looks suspiciously like it does here … except it’s an even bigger stuff up, which is not surprising considering its creators.

The giant Applet Corporation is poised to take over the place under its new CEO, Ava J, a despotic witch of the first order who is hell bent on world domination in a misguided attempt to bring the company’s recently deceased founder, Evet S. Boj, back from the dead.

In her obsession, Ava J not only implements a KGB inspired HR policy from hell, but also unwisely chooses to outsource technology from an infamous company of fringe dwelling computer hackers run by Ackboy and The Raptor.

Experts at hacking into computer code, other people’s cash and giant sized pizzas, they now have the ultimate opportunity … to screw the whole planet.

Welcome to iWorld … our twin … and possibly, our future.