barkingMADbooks is the home of iWorld, the hilarious computer hacking sci-fi bending book that makes you glad all the mayhem is not confined to just where you are right now, but is endemic to everywhere our creators have put their dirty little mitts.

To find out the scale of the stuff-up, a good place to start is by checking out Ackboy and The Raptor as they squander all the money in The One With No Name’s Sperm Bank trying to develop the world’s first virtual reality sex app for the giant Applet Corporation.

Not known for hard work, the boys’ approach is based on a dubious piece of technology they found resting quietly in a field under a dead cow, which was hanging from the top of a nearby tree where it looked suspiciously as though it had been chucked out of a passing flying saucer by a drunken Scottish midget.

The truth is of course far worse and well beyond what any reasonable person with a hangover could comfortably contemplate over a morning breakfast of anemic looking scrambled eggs, burnt toast and last night’s coffee.

For those looking for comfort away from the possibility of iWorld being the portent of our own not too distant future here on planet Earth, we suggest stuffing a small genetically modified brown furry dog down your pants, while for everyone else a copy of iWorld would be a better bet … and certainly it would cause less itching.

Fortunately a copy of IWorld happens to be for sale in both paper and electronic form only a click away from where your fingers are right now.

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